Cypaw is Tackling Privacy and Security with a Newly Redesigned App 

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has developed a guide for businesses on how they can manage a data breach. The first step which they recommend is to secure a business’s operations. This requires moving, “quickly to secure your systems and fix vulnerabilities that may have caused the breach. The only thing worse than a data breach is multiple data breaches.”  The next step which they recommend is to fix vulnerabilities. This requires a business to, “Think about [their] service providers. If service providers were involved, examine what personal information they can access and decide if you need to change their access privileges.” The final step they recommend is for a business to inform those who were affected by the data breach. They state that “When your business experiences a data breach, notify law enforcement, other affected businesses, and affected individuals.”

Many Businesses and Individuals suffer from the effects of data breaches. These breaches occur when a company that stores personal information is accessed maliciously and has its stored information revealed. This information is then used or sold to gain access to an individual’s personal data. Most people have given out their personal information to a number of businesses over the years. It is likely that these businesses will still store this information and they may be vulnerable to a data breach. This means that a business which you may not have interacted with in some time could cause your privacy to be invaded and result in your personal information being accessed. 

Cypaw has developed a mobile application to solve this problem. The app has a focus on creating a greater degree of privacy for the user. Ryan Bosley is one of the Co-Founders of Cypaw and has stated that the company “first came about as a means to facilitate people taking back control of their online lives”. Cypaw believes that power should be restored to individuals from all walks of life. This opposes the influence of Big Tech, which makes it difficult to maintain focus on all of the locations where personal information is stored online. 

How Cypaw Helps Users Increase Their Privacy

Cypaw is an application for mobile that was developed by two friends from university, Adam Pritchard and Ryan Bosley. Cypaw’s founders have maintained their friendship for many years as they have explored their shared interest in online privacy and technology. They have developed their app to respond to the unfortunate reality of data breaches. 

The Cypaw app lets its user view the websites which have an account with the user’s email address. This will track every account that the user has with that email irrespective of the age of that account. Cypaw has noted that its users have an average of 350 online accounts and that most of these accounts are inactive. Adam Pritchard notes that “We all remember companies pestering us with GDPR updates back in 2018, but how many of us actually know what these data rights are and how to exercise them? The idea was right, but the execution was a misstep – this is why Cypaw has automated the process of executing your digital rights.”

Pritchard and Bosley seek to remedy the ills created by data breaches to allow internet users to avoid this unpleasant occurrence. Cypaw notes that many people are not aware of whether they have been affected by a data breach. This increases the potential for harm to the individual especially if the individual reuses their passwords for multiple online accounts. Unsavory individuals in the online realm purchase lists of emails and passwords to use on popular platforms in an effort to access accounts. This means that if a reused password is leaked once it could make all of an individual’s accounts vulnerable. 

Cypaw claims that the first place someone should begin to mitigate the harm which they may experience online is to delete accounts after an individual has stopped using them. This can only function as a strategy if data has not already been leaked. It is for this reason that Cypaw created a database of breached data that is publicly available. This data was gathered from every corner of the internet to help users find out if their email addresses have been compromised. 

Final Thoughts 

Data breaches are an unfortunate and seemingly unavoidable part of the internet. However, Cypaw has recently redesigned its privacy and security mobile application to help users stay safe online. This helps users protect their personal information by removing it from as many sources as possible. Additionally, users can react to any data breaches to which they may already have been exposed to. This means that individuals can feel safer online and have their privacy protected at all times.